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Rolling Stones ‘Exhibitionism’ at the Saachi Gallery 


A one of a kind job here for the Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones! PopIn Graphics were supplied the huge models by Specialist Models & Displays and tasked with wrapping them in these eye-catching, Stones related designs.

This was one of the most challenging projects PopIn have undertaken due to the severe contours of the models, but the expert fitters did a fantastic job and we and the clients were very pleased with the end result.

They’ve now traveled from the PopIn garages in Cardiff, all the way to London to be displayed outside the Saatchi Gallery.

Links to Specialist Models – http://www.specialistmodels.co.uk/iec-presents-rolling-stones-exhibitionism-saatchi-london/work

Exhibitionism – http://www.stonesexhibitionism.com/