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Porsche Centre Cardiff

Porsche Centre Cardiff

The Winningest Marque In Motorsport History

Porsche's motorsport journey spans seven decades, marked by a commitment to innovation and success. From the 550 Spyder's lightweight design to the 917's Le Mans victories, Porsche has consistently pushed boundaries. The 956, 962, and 911 GT1 continued the legacy, with the modern 919 Hybrid dominating endurance racing. Porsche's motorsport success not only showcases engineering prowess but also influences their road cars, exemplifying a winning tradition that echoes on both the racetrack and the streets.

Celebrating 75 Years Of Success

Popin were approached by Porsche Centre Cardiff to help celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Porsche in Motorsports. To commemorate this event, Porsche set to fully wrap their latest Porsche Taycan Turbo in a bright and colourful design utilising their selected colours for the event. Alongside this, they also looked to complete a complimentary installation on the floor to display in conjunction with the car and Contavision full window wraps on their used showroom.

Sisters In Arms

To complete this poignant project, Popin partnered with sister company and signage specialists, Morgan's Consult. Working hand in hand, the designs and installations were meticulously measured planned to ensure the complimentary assets lined up and matched in colour. Following confirmation, the car was delivered to Popin for the installation to take place while Morgan's Consult specialists set to work on transforming the face of the building. The finished results were mesmerising and truly encapsulated the feel for the event. Check out the video below for a further look into how the project came out!

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Craig Lovegrove, Managing Director, Popin Vehicle Graphics

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