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FSEW International Freight Forwarders

FSEW International Freight Forwarders

3M IJ780mc, What A Bright Idea!

With wrap vinyl and graphics forever improving and progressing, manufacturers are always coming up with new and impressive ways to transform your vehicles and fleet. One significant breakthrough came with 3M's introduction of IJ780mc, a fully conformable and printable wrapping vinyl that is also reflective!

Utilising small elements of glass in the wrap film, light is able to be reflected back at the viewer and with the combination of a printed design, allows pops of vibrant colour and shape.

With the added prominence provided by the reflective nature of the vinyl, IJ780mc quickly began to open the door to new and exciting ways to promote your business!

Cleaner, Greener Fleet Vehicles

With the move into using Biomethane and Electric trucks, the guys over at FSEW were really looking at ways they could make these trucks stand out and with the performance capabilities of 3M IJ780mc, Popin knew just the way to answer the call.

Utilising separate designs for the two types of vehicles, the designs had to be similar enough to be able to recognise them as the same fleet but different enough to tell them apart. The decision was made to opt for a two colour design or each truck with the navy blue being the common colour between the two taking up the lower half of the wrap. The upper halves then used individual colours to create the difference: Cyan for the Biofuel S Ways and green for the Electric DAFs.

A Beacon On The Road

With the vibrant colours selected and the high performance reflective vinyl being the means of delivery, Popin set to work on transforming the new vehicles into bright and bold beacons of the road. Relatively unassuming on the road during the day, the colours draw attention to the brand through simple but clever distribution across the body of the truck.

Come night time and this is where FSEW's ace up the sleeve comes into play. With all the other vehicles on the road now fading into darkness, every flash of light that passes against the bodies of these trucks creates a dazzling display of colour and makes sure you know who you're passing on the road!

FSEW International Freight Forwarders

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