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Looking After Your New Wrap

Looking After Your New Wrap

How Do I Wash My Wrapped Vehicle?

We highly recommend hand washing to maintain the original finish of your vehicle graphics. By following the steps below, you can help ensure that your wrap and graphics will stay looking there best for the duration of their lifespan!

• Soak the graphic with clean water, ideally using a trigger-type hose nozzle.
• Use a mild liquid detergent and water solution.
• Gently wash the graphic from top to bottom with a soft brush or sponge.
• Avoid excessive scrubbing to prevent damage.
• Keep water flowing to wash away dirt particles after applying the cleaning solution.
• Thoroughly rinse the entire graphic with clean water.
• Allow the graphic to air dry.

Wash your wrap once a week or more often if your vehicle is exposed to a lot of dirt or pollutants. You should hand wash it ideally with a gentle automotive detergent if necessary - any good brand will work. Always use a nice automotive sponge or a clean, soft cloth to wash your wrap. Rinse the vehicle with clear water after washing.

Minimize water spotting by using a silicone squeegee or chamois to remove water. Dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

Looking After Your New Wrap

What About Jet Washing & Automatic Washers?

You can use automated brushless car washes for your wrapped vehicle, but hand washing is safer and more thorough. Brush car washes can damage the film, causing peeling and lifted edges. Avoid hot wax gloss settings. A water-only spray wash is usually safe for most wraps.

We advise against power or pressure washing, as it can damage the graphics. Our PVC-based over-laminates effectively repel dirt, reducing the need for power washing. We appreciate that due to time constraints, hand washing may not always be feasible. If you have to pressure wash your vehicle wrap, you must follow the following guidelines to prevent damage:

• Use a spray nozzle with a 40° wide spray pattern
• Be sure the spray nozzle includes a nozzle protector (tip guard) and use a pressure of 2000 psi or less
• If the system is heated, limit the water temperature to 180°F (82°C) or less
• Hold the nozzle at least 12 inches (300 mm) away from and perpendicular (90°+/- 10) to the graphic
• Do not direct the water stream at a sharp angle to the edge of the graphic

Looking After Your New Wrap

Other Things To Consider

Clean bird droppings and difficult stains immediately. Letting them sit for too long will make them harder to remove and may permanently damage the wrap. Soak the affected area for a few minutes with warm, soapy water to loosen the contaminants. Rinse completely and dry with a microfiber cloth.

Wipe off fuel spills immediately, then hand wash the affected area. Letting the spill stay the wrap too long will degrade the vinyl. A quick wipe with a wet paper towel at a gas station will clean the fuel-affected area decently enough until you can get home to do a more thorough job.

A fully comprehensive guide to maintaining your wrap along with other useful documents can be found in the 'Downloads' section of our site found here:

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