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Need advice on buying a vehicle wrap? - February 06, 2013

Purchase a vehicle wrap can be a significant investment for a small business and like any purchasing decision there are a number of factors to be considered to ensure that the end product is of the required quality and standard. 

Vehicle wrapping, like many other types of product can be done 'on the cheap' so its important to consider the capabilities, resources and materials used by any vehicle wrap company.

3M have produced buying advice which we encourage our clients to read so that you have all of the facts.  Its is available for download here:

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We have answered the questions raised by 3M in this guide to demonstrate that we are serious about the quality of our product and the service we deliver.

Are they specialists in vehicle wrapping?

Yes, PopIn Vehicle Graphics is a dedicated vehicle graphics company specializing in wraps and vinyl graphics for cars, vans, lorries, buses, yachts, planes - any type of 'vehicle'

Have they got heated and covered premises to work in?

Yes we have dedicated garages purely for applying vehicle graphics and wraps.  We have invested in climate controlled heating system to ensure our garages are maintained at the exact optimal temperature for graphics application.

Is it a dust free clean environment?

Yes, we have installed an industrial rubber non slip floor and suspended ceilings for a dust free environment. We welcome clients to visit our premises so they can see for themselves. 

Have their fitters attended 3M training?

Yes, please see our qualifications in our download area here

What material are they using?

For vehicle colour changes we use 3M 1080 highly conformable film and for printed wraps we use 3M IJ-180 digital print media with 3M 8580 10yr laminate.

If you are considering a vehicle wrap we hope this guide is of some help and welcome questions so that we can help you to make an informed decision.

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