News - 3M graphics looking good after 16,000 nautical miles for Challenge Wales


3M graphics looking good after 16,000 nautical miles for Challenge Wales - April 16, 2013

Challenge Wales, the 72-ft round-the-world yacht dedicated to providing life and team working skills to young people through the experience of sailing was recently pictured on it's in bi-annual maintenance in Berthon Marina dry dock, Lymington.

There are no marina facilities in the Bristol Channel capable of lifting Challenge Wales' massive 72-ft hull out of the water and so a crew of six volunteers have to sail her to the South Coast of England for the routine maintenance.

Once in dry dock the work included a rub down and repaint of the hull using some 40ltrs of anti fouling paint supplied free of charge by specialist yacht paint makers, International. Other work included an overhaul and repairs to the rudder and a complete survey of the yacht.

PopIn Vehicle graphics originally designed the brand identity and donated and installed high quality marine grade 3M vinyl graphics to the hull of Challenge Wales in February of 2009.  Andy Hall, Challenge Wales' skipper commented "we have sailed approximately 16,000 nautical miles in the last 4 years and the graphics are still in great condition"

Craig Lovegrove, PopIn Graphics MD commented "we are really impressed with the performance of the 3M graphics - there isn't a more demanding test for a vinyl film and we are pleased its still looking as good as the day it was installed"...he continued "in early 2013 we donated and installed 3M vinyl graphics to Challenge Wales' pick up truck to help reinforce their brand identity and to increase awareness, we're proud to be associated with such a worthwhile charity"

For more information visit the Challenge Wales Website

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